Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Unseen Stars of Hollywood


The glitz and glamour of Hollywood have always been synonymous with luxury and elegance. And while diamonds have long been the go-to choice for celebrities to adorn themselves on the red carpet, there is a rising trend that is shaking up the industry: lab-grown diamonds.

These dazzling gems, known for their ethical and sustainable production, are making their mark on the red carpet and influencing jewelry trends like never before.

In this blog post, we will showcase instances where lab-grown diamonds have graced the necks, wrists, and ears of celebrities, capturing the attention of the world and redefining the notion of luxury in the entertainment industry.

Join us on this journey as we delve into the unseen stars of Hollywood – the lab-grown diamonds that are shining bright on the red carpet.

The Rise of lab-grown diamonds in Hollywood

In the glamorous world of Hollywood, where celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, the allure of diamonds has always been undeniable. However, in recent years, there has been a significant shift in the jewelry choices of these A-list stars. Gone are the days when natural diamonds were the only choice for Hollywood’s elite.

With their ethical and sustainable origins, lab-grown diamonds have become the unseen stars of the red carpet, adorning the necks, wrists, and ears of celebrities who are passionate about making a statement with their jewelry choices. 

One notable instance that showcased the rise of lab-grown diamonds in Hollywood was during a high-profile awards ceremony, where a renowned actress confidently graced the red carpet wearing a stunning necklace adorned with lab-grown diamonds.

The exquisite sparkle and brilliance of these diamonds not only caught the attention of the paparazzi but also sent shockwaves through the jewelry industry. This influential moment ignited a trend among other celebrities who were quick to embrace lab-grown diamonds. 

Fashion-forward actors and actresses, philanthropists, and environmental activists have all joined the movement, proudly showcasing their lab-grown diamond jewelry on the red carpet. These Hollywood icons are using their platform to raise awareness about the availability and desirability of lab-grown diamonds, challenging traditional notions of luxury and showing the world that sustainable jewelry can be just as captivating as its natural counterpart. 

The influence of lab-grown diamonds in Hollywood has extended beyond the red carpet and into the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. With their stunning beauty, identical physical and chemical properties to natural diamonds, and a more affordable price point, lab-grown diamonds have become a popular choice for those who seek both style and sustainability.

As Hollywood continues to embrace lab-grown diamonds, we can expect them to become an integral part of future red carpet events. The rise of lab-grown diamonds in Hollywood signifies a transformative shift in the jewelry industry, where conscious and ethical choices are becoming increasingly important.

Shining moments: Celebrities embracing lab-grown diamonds

Celebrities Who’ve Worn Lab-Grown Diamonds

Bindi Irwin 

Bindi Irwin, daughter of the belated and renowned Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, was proposed to by her long-standing beau, Chandler Powell, in July 2019. The passionate conservationist’s engagement ring paid tribute to her legacy of environmental advocacy. She took to Instagram to announce the exciting news, unveiling the intricacies of her diamond ring created in a laboratory. “For those curious about my ring, I am ecstatic to reveal,” she expressed. “My precious ring boasts a lab-grown diamond and is forged with recycled metal in rose gold. Chandler’s selection was extraordinarily considerate, as the ring epitomizes my very being (exuding a vintage charm) and our union, with its twisted band and scattered diamonds.”

Meghan Markle 

During the month of January in the year of 2019, the noble Duchess of Sussex graced an event in London, adorning her ensemble with a set of lab-created diamond earrings from Kimai, a renowned Dutch jewelry establishment headquartered in Belgium. The brand prides itself on utilizing solely lab-grown diamonds in their creations, and actively upholds their commitment to sustainability by packaging their pieces in environmentally-friendly materials.


Rihanna, renowned vocalist and proprietor of the illustrious cosmetics label Fenty Beauty, possesses an exquisite discernment for fashion. At her 30th birthday celebration, Rihanna donned an opulent ensemble embellished with a stunning assortment of diamonds, comprising a resplendent necklace, multiple bracelets, and a chic ring.

The precise value of the ring remains unknown, although jewelers surmise it to exceed $1,000,000. Adorned with rubies, pink sapphires, 18-carat yellow and white vermeil, and 16-carat lab-created diamonds, the semi-precious ring exudes opulence.

Lady Gaga

During the London unveiling of A Star is Born in September 2018, Lady Gaga made her red carpet appearance donning a Victorian-inspired masterpiece by Alexander McQueen. With a frilly collar and embellished corset, the gown took center stage. To add the finishing touch to this mesmerizing ensemble, she opted for a pair of ethically-sourced cluster earrings from renowned London jewelry designer, Anabela Chan. Crafted with care, each Constellation Pearl Earring features three freshwater pearls and nine brilliant-cut lab-grown diamonds.

Emma Watson 

At the 2018 Academy Awards, renowned actress and advocate Emma Watson made a powerful statement through her choice of jewelry. While attending the illustrious Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, the Harry Potter star adorned herself with an array of ethically-sourced and lab-created accessories. Notably, her Vrai & Oro earrings were crafted with lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold, highlighting her commitment to sustainable fashion. Additionally, Watson donned a striking recycled gold sapphire cuff from Ana Katarina, as well as a responsible-sourced bracelet and ring from Ana Khour. This deliberate selection of pieces not only exemplified Watson’s personal style, but also served as a testament to her strong values and beliefs.

Camila Mendes

During the November of 2018, Camila Mendes — best known for her role in the popular TV series “Riverdale” — graced the People’s Choice Awards wearing a stunning piece of jewelry, the “American Beauty.” This unique accessory featured a 5-carat pink diamond, created in a laboratory, and placed on a 14-carat gold band. The creator of this synthetic gem, Clean Origin, crafted a one-of-a-kind design that fetched a hefty price of $175,000.

Zoe Kravitz

The chosen motif for the 2019 Met Gala revolved around the concept of “camp,” a style that exudes over-the-top exaggeration, dramatic flair, and opulence. Zoe Kravitz elevated her ensemble with a thematic twist – a sparkling, sequined black dress with thoughtfully placed cutouts, complemented by a striking pair of earrings from Anabela Chan. These statement adornments boasted a feather-inspired design, adorned with lustrous pearls and eco-friendly, lab-grown diamonds.

Penelope Cruz

Renowned thespian Penelope Cruz, a prominent proponent of lab-grown diamonds, joined forces with Atelier Swarovski to curate an exquisite assortment of synthetic gems, fit for the red carpet. At the 71st Cannes Film Festival in May 2018, she unveiled her stunning creations, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

In a statement, Cruz expressed her emotional connection to the process, stating, “To think that I am creating something that is both ethically sound, visually captivating, and empowering for women to don is deeply moving.” Her collection boasts not only lab-grown diamonds, but also breathtaking synthetic sapphires and rubies.

A plethora of A-list celebrities, namely Zendaya, Karlie Kloss, Laura Dern, Mandy Moore, and Olivia Palermo, have already donned pieces from Cruz’s captivating collection on the illustrious red carpet.

Nikki Reed

In February 2015, actors Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder announced their engagement, a mere six months after they began dating. While Reed’s initial engagement ring was not adorned with a lab-grown diamond, she revealed to The Knot her intention to revamp the ring with a synthetic stone. “During our engagement, lab-grown diamonds were not as readily available as they are now,” she stated. “Thankfully, my husband is open-minded and fully supports my decision to eventually redesign my ring with a cultivated diamond.”

However, Reed did launch her own jewelry brand, Bayou With Love, which includes a bridal collection featuring jewels crafted from recycled gold and cultivated diamonds. “During my quest to create sustainable goods, I came across the misconception that luxury and sustainability can’t coexist,” she clarified. “That’s why I saw this as the perfect opportunity to challenge that belief by using recycled gold in my jewelry and incorporating cultivated diamonds.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

Despite not being sighted wearing lab-grown diamonds, Leonardo DiCaprio has emerged as a major investor in the burgeoning synthetic jewelry sector. After his lead role in the 2006 thriller Blood Diamond, which delved into the perils of the diamond mining trade, DiCaprio became a vocal promoter of responsibly obtained gemstones. In 2015, he made a significant investment in Diamond Foundry Inc., a San Francisco-based enterprise utilizing solar technology to create lab-grown diamonds.

The future of lab-grown diamonds in the entertainment industry

The allure of diamonds has always captivated the entertainment industry, with celebrities adorning themselves with these precious gems on the red carpet. However, a new trend is emerging, as lab-grown diamonds are taking center stage in the world of Hollywood glamour. These sustainable and ethical alternatives to mined diamonds are becoming the unseen stars of the red carpet, making a powerful statement in the jewelry industry. 

The future of lab-grown diamonds in the entertainment industry is bright, as more and more celebrities are choosing to wear these eco-friendly and conflict-free gems. Stars like Emma Watson, Leonardo DiCaprio have proudly displayed lab-grown diamonds on their fingers, necks, and ears, sending a powerful message about sustainability and conscious consumerism. 

Lab-grown diamonds offer a remarkable quality and brilliance that is indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. By embracing these man-made gems, celebrities are not only making a fashion statement, but also supporting a more sustainable and responsible jewelry industry. The rise of lab-grown diamonds in Hollywood is influencing jewelry trends, as designers and consumers alike are recognizing the ethical and environmental benefits of these stones. In addition to their eco-friendly appeal, lab-grown diamonds also offer a more affordable option for those who desire the glamour and elegance of diamonds without the high price tag. This accessibility is attracting a wider range of consumers, further solidifying the future of lab-grown diamonds in the entertainment industry. 

As the demand for sustainable and ethical products continues to grow, the entertainment industry has become a powerful platform to promote lab-grown diamonds and drive change in the jewelry market. With more celebrities embracing these stunning gems, lab-grown diamonds are set to become the new stars of the red carpet, shaping the future of the entertainment industry and inspiring a shift towards a more sustainable and responsible jewelry culture.


Lab-grown diamonds have quietly become the unseen stars of Hollywood. In this blog post, we explored the rising popularity of these ethical and sustainable alternatives to natural diamonds in the world of entertainment. From red-carpet events to celebrity engagements, lab-grown diamonds are making a big impact. Their stunning beauty, affordability, and eco-friendly nature are capturing the attention of not only Hollywood elites but also conscious consumers worldwide. With Decent Grown Diamond, you can now join the ranks of the stars and embrace the brilliance of lab-grown diamonds. Explore our website to explore our exquisite collection and discover the remarkable beauty of these unseen stars for yourself.

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