Lab Diamond FAQ's

What are the advantages of purchasing lab grown diamonds?

Affordable: Man-made diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds. Clarity: Artificial diamonds are better in clarity when compared to natural diamonds because they are made with exact measurements Lab grown diamonds are our specialty and we offer a wide range of them including HPHT diamonds and CVD diamonds.

It is very hard to distinguish between a lab grown and a natural diamond because they are made of the same basic constituent- carbon. As the optical and physical properties are the same, even the experts find it difficult to tell them apart at the first glance.

Lab grown diamonds are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and conflict-free in their formation making them better alternatives than their natural counterparts.

Yes, you can. Just like you buy a lab grown diamond for an affordable price, you can resell the same but for not a high amount like in the case of natural diamonds.

Yes, you can get your lab grown diamond appraised and insured. Even though they might not fetch you as much as a natural diamond, you can get them insured and get an amount back enough to cover the cost of the diamond and a considerable portion of the insurance money spent on it.

Made in labs, artificial diamonds are 15 to 30% less in price than natural diamonds. However, in terms of quality and clarity, they stand at par or even above natural diamonds.

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